Student-Author Interview Series

I love connecting students with books and authors! When I had a bit more time on my hands, I encouraged small groups of students to read recently published YA and MG titles, and then we sent their comments and questions to authors who generously agreed to respond. Check out what these smart kids wanted to know, and what some very gracious authors shared, about thirteen terrific MG and YA books that should be on your radar if they aren’t already!

Interview with Robin Herrera about Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

emma.mia.carly (1) copy

Interview with Rachel Wilson about Don’t Touch 

lily and olivia

Interview with Jen Malone about At Your Service


Interview with Dianne Salerni about The Eighth Day and The Inquisitor’s Mark

silas and jonah

Interview with Caroline Tung Richmond about The Only Thing to Fear

 photo (11)

Interview with Rebecca Behrens about When Audrey Met Alice 

girls with when audrey met alice
Interview with Caroline Carlson about Magic Marks the Spot and The Terror of the Southlands

boys with cc books

Interview with Maria E. Andreu about The Secret Side of Empty

maria pic1

Interview with Tara Altebrando about The Battle of Darcy Lane

izzy nyeema alex.darcy lane

Interview with Trent Reedy about Divided We Fall

boys with DWF

Interview with Lisa Graff about A Tangle of Knots

sophia.poli.syd copy

Interview with K.A. Barson about 45 Pounds (More or Less)

girls with 45 pounds

Interview with Amy Rose Capetta about Entangled

students with Entangled


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