Resources for Writers

On this page you’ll find some of my favorite past blog posts about writing. You can check out my series on first-person narrators, which was inspired by my critical thesis and lecture at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and you can also find a selection of posts about the writing process and posts about writing for an intended audience.

Series on creating engagingly fallible narrators

First-Person Narration

How to Create an Engagingly Fallible First-Person Narrator: Strategy 1 (Narrative Distance)

Engagingly Fallible Narrators Strategy 2: Using Audience and Purpose

Engagingly Fallible Narrators Strategy 3: Taking Advantage of Syntax and Diction

Engagingly Fallible Narrators Strategy 4: Omission

Engagingly Fallible Narrators Strategy 5: Secondary Characters

The writing process

When “Finish What You’re Working On” Isn’t the Best Writing Advice

On Writing and the Struggle to Keep Control

My Writing Process

Choosing the Novel

The Challenge of Being Present, with Eyes Wide Open

Embracing Your Strengths, New Challenges, and Those Ever-Present Contraries

No Time to Write and the Skewed Guilt/Happiness Balance

Writing with an eye toward the market and your intended audience:

The Gray Area Between Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction

Character Likability

How “Hooky” Is Your Hook?

Drinking and Swearing in YA Novels

Crafting Likable Characters Who Make Mistakes

Technology in YA Fiction


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