Resources for Teachers

Here are some popular past blog posts with ideas for teachers. These posts are organized from most specific and nitty-gritty (step-by-step resources about teaching analytical essay writing) to most general and philosophical. Hope you find something helpful here!

Series on teaching students to write essays:

Teaching Analytical Writing Series Introduction

The TIQA Paragraph

Essay Skeletons

Introductions and Conclusions

Why Teach Analytical Writing?

Posts with specific prompts or suggestions for specific assignments, units, and books:

Epistolary Fanfiction: A Story and an Exercise

Why I [Fill in the Blank]

Middle School Girl Culture Mini-Course

Short, Fun Projects to Energize Student (and Adult) Writers

How Structured Assignments Can Unleash Creativity

Drawing to Learn: Visual Projects in the English Classroom

8th Grade Dystopian Unit

Writing and Teaching the Personal Essay

Celebrating Banned Books Week

LIAR AND SPY: An Excellent Read-Aloud Novel

CAPTURE THE FLAG: Another Great Read Aloud

CHAINS AND FORGE: Historical Novels that Pass the Student Interest Test

Posts about pedagogy:

Relating to a Book vs.Liking It: A(nother) Case Against Girl vs. Boy Books

Reading Aloud in a Middle-School English Classroom


“Why are we allowed to read this…?”

The Value of Failure?

Reading Levels Don’t Tell You Everything: A Great Book Is a Great Book

Posts about author visits and Skypes:

An Inspiring Author Visit with Eliot Schrefer

Exceeding My Expectations: A Great Author Visit at a Hectic Time

Highlights from A.S. King’s Author Visit

Excited about E-Books: An Author Visit from Andrea J. Buchanan

Skyping with a True Pro

Technology and Human Connection: Skyping with Grace Lin

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